Wealth Management in Your Functional Medicine Practice

How to Make More, Save More, and Reach Financial Independence Faster This week I sat down with New York Times best selling author and owner of The Wealth Factory, Garret Gunderson.  Garret, is the functional medicine guru of finance.  He teaches doctors how to save on taxes, how to uncover hidden revenue, how to intelligently…

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Do You Have a Functional Medicine Business Plan?

I was recently asked about my biggest business mistake when starting my practice.  Here was my answer… Creating the right business plan is a fundamental starting point in any functional medicine practice. Learning from those who have already “done the work” is essential to fast track your success. Finding a mentor or group of mentors…

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How to market your functional medicine practice

How to Get Your Functional Medicine Practice Featured On TV

One of the “Holy Grails” of marketing is to have your practice featured on TV or major media.  That’s why I brought media expert, Clint Arthur on the podcast.  In this episode Clint and I talk about how you can take your practice to mega success by creating a celebrity like status in the functional…

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Functional Medicine Marketing 101

How To Grow Your Functional Medicine Practice… In this presentation, I discuss the real secrets to building an ultra successful functional medicine practice.  No gimmicks, no hype, no pipe dreams, or slick marketing schemes.  This information is rock solid, foundation building advice to help you become the best at what you do.  In this webinar…

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Features For Your Functional Medicine Website

Is Your Website Working For You? One of the biggest mistakes clinics make?  Spending thousands of dollars hiring a company to build out a website.  You see, a lot of web companies build sites based on a template.  They build one site, sell it to hundreds of doctors, and the only difference is the name…

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Functional Medicine Success Summit 5

If you have ever attended a Functional Medicine Success Summit, then you already know that no other event comes close.  FMSS 5 will be no exception.  Save the dates now.  The event is going to be February 24th-26th. Legendary Speakers All of our past events have been host to the top marketers, functional medicine leaders,…

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Clinical Pearl To Increase Patient Compliance

Clinical Skills Make For a More Successful Functional Medicine Practice Marketing your practice is important.  I don’t think anyone could argue that point. However; creating a successful functional medicine practice requires more than just business acumen. A Great FM clinician has a mastery of physical examination, and can link common abnormalities to nutritional deficiencies. In…

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More New Patients for your FM Practice

How to Market Your Functional Medicine Practice Online

A Simple Marketing Strategy That Can Expose You to Thousands of Potential New Patients… One of the biggest struggles new functional medicine doctors face, is marketing to new patients.  The video below outlines a very effective strategy to help increase the exposure of your functional medicine practice through internet marketing… Marketing Your Practice For Free…

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Functional Medicine Success Summit

Dr. Loop is Back for FMSS 2016

Best Strategies for Generating New Patients Dr. Loop, is a social media guru, successful practice owner, author, and wealthy entrepreneur.  No one knows facebook marketing better.  He well be speaking at the Functional Medicine Success Summit in March, and he won’t be holding anything back.  If you want to fill your waiting room with qualified…

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Managing Functional Medicine Practice Stress

Consistent Functional Medicine Practice Growth Strategies It is something every functional medicine practitioner deals with.  STRESS – and it comes in many forms: Not enough time Not enough money Not enough patients Managing an office Managing employees Fear of lawsuits Fear of legislative oversight Difficult and unreasonable patients Constant decision making Stress at home because…

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