The Power of Real Testimonials

Have you ever needed a service performed but weren’t sure where to go or who to use?  We have all been in this position at some point or another.  What do we typically do?  Usually we ask for a referral from a friend, family member, etc. Referrals are the most powerful patient source we have.…

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Most Doctors Are Way Off on This One

One of the best marketing systems I use to get new patients and generate referrals is a monthly online newsletter. In fact when looking at return on investment the newsletter is our best performing marketing system because it goes out to people who had already identified themselves as ‘having an interest in our services’ –…

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Don’t Be A Victim – Be a Winner!

I can’t tell you how often I here other doctors talk negatively about their practices.  When I am in seminars often times it is a festival of negativity.  Whether it is billing, insurance, or patient compliance issues, so many docs are dissatisfied with their offices. TRUE STORY – When I was fresh out of school,…

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